Can I ask you a few questions?

Of course :)


What's your name?



Where is home?



What never fails to cheer you up when you're down?

Animated movies. Mainly childhood classics like Monsters, Inc., Toy Story, and The Lion King. My current favorite is Inside Out.


Surprise me with a fun fact about yourself!

I have 5 siblings. Together we're two babies, two teenagers, and two twenty-year-olds. It's a lot of fun and even more chaos. I wouldn't change a thing.


If tonight were New Year's Eve, what resolutions would you make?

There are so many! I’m constantly adding to the list, but here are my top priorities at the moment:

  1. Sit up straighter; I'm a serial sloucher.
  2. Place more emphasis on how I feel as opposed to how I look.
  3. Communicate my needs, don't bottle them up.
  4. Focus on the big picture. Details are important, but don't get lost in them.
  5. Work in spaces that set me up for success.


    If there's one thing you hope everyone on earth gets the chance to experience, what would it be?

    Invention. One of the coolest parts about writing this book and building this brand is how I got to witness my imagination translate into something real. I don't think most people know what they're capable of, whether that be work-related or any goal they've set for themselves.

    When we build something from the ground up, that process changes the way we look out at the world. It deepens our appreciation for the things around us because we've seen firsthand the level of time, effort, and motivation necessary to create them.


        What, if anything, is your life missing?

        Meaningful connections. The biggest inspiration behind this book began with my desire to meet people as an introvert. I'm not a fan of small talk. Those conversations always feel out of character. And it was frustrating because I know everyone has a story to tell, but there wasn't an easy gateway into those topics. So I made it my mission to solve that personal problem. These questions became my answer.


        Who or what made your day most recently?

        The other day I was in the car coming off an exit ramp where a traffic controller stood at the crossroads. But something was off. Turns out he was a homeless man wearing a pale yellow coat with a black hood. I didn't mind. It actually worked; cars came and went as he motioned...for the most part. The guy in front of me wasn't having it and went ahead anyway, so the man chased after them with the middle finger.